Spring 2019:

  • BIOL- 495/595, Neurophysiology

    • 3 Credits Lecture

    • This course aims to understand neurophysiological activities at the cellular and molecular  levels and their linkage to human neurological diseases.

  • BIOL- 410, Individual Project,

    • 1-6 Credit(s)  

    • This course analyzes Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience - from Basic Knowledge to Advanced Techniques


Fall 2018:

  • BIOL- 457(G), Advanced Cell Biology

    •  3 Credits Lecture

    • This course aims to examine life at its most fundamental level, including mechanisms and pathways responsible for membrane transport, metabolism, gene expression, protein synthesis and secretion, membrane trafficking, cytoskeleton dynamics, and cell signaling.

  • BIOL- 458(G), Advanced Cell Biology Lab

    • 2 Credits, 4 Hours Lab

    • This class is intended to immerse students in the process of performing scientific          experiments, through which students will master various experimental skills, acquire  the capabilities for data analysis and results interpretation. The model system will be cultured mammalian cells and/or fixed cells on slides.

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